• Shrimp sandwich, sauce dip and fries, top view
  • Shrimp sandwich and fries
  • Chicken sandwich and coleslaw

Real Good Smokehouse

Who We Are

Real Good Smokehouse:
a restaurant years in the making.

Growing up, Shannon Johnson was surrounded by great food. Food that brought his family together, the community together. He especially enjoyed the abundance of great barbecue. It was that love for great food, an appreciation for how it connects friends and family, and a group of supportive mentors that inspired a culinary arts career that has continued for nearly 40 years. Now, the team at Real Good Smokehouse plans to revive the art of craft barbecue in Chattanooga.

Real Good Smokehouse isn't just any restaurant. It is a restaurant born from the idea that you can't hide behind food. The team at Real Good Smokehouse owns the belief that real good barbecue can be innovative and fresh without losing its roots.

And that's exactly what they have done.

Shannon, Tim, and Joseph are dedicated to bringing you the best quality barbecue around. Real Good Smokehouse isn't your typical barbecue. Not only because it leaves you craving more but because it is a promise that every bite, every taste, and every moment will be as good as the last. It's that simple. No frills, no hiding. Only excellent barbecue that the whole family will enjoy to the last bite.